Shift Happens

During my internship at Klonk Games from Oct 2015 until Jan 2016,
I had the pleasure to help them with their awesome coop puzzle platformer
“Shift Happens” and train my level design skills.

Extended Logo for Demo Version

The extended logo for the demo version on the splash screen





Hurts a bit


Level Design

By the way, congratulations on winning “Best Game Design”,
“Best Game for Children” and being nominated for “Best German Game” in 2016!

Klonk Games:
Shift Happens on Steam:


Daily Lullaby

UI Design

In the 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2016 (theme: rituals) we tried to create a game where you control your little village by playing the right music. If your villagers have enough to eat, are happy and clean, it all depends on you!

My tasks: UI design, Art

Thanks to: Jannik Bemm, Julia Schadler (for that beautiful logo!), Christina Kopp, Marcus Goitowski, Meral Leyla (without your music, nothing would have worked…)




Caged Download



A game created in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2015 in Werk1.

I was responsible of Game Graphics and Art. The other team members were José Rodolfo Freitas (Code/Shader), Michel Wacker (Code) and Meral Leyla (Music/SFX). The topic was “What do we do now?” and our game is about being locked up and trying to distract yourself in order not to go crazy from loneliness. Or maybe, could that be the solution?


Time Sheep Paradoxon

Concept Art

Time Sheep Paradoxon_Present

Time Sheep Paradoxon_Future

Time Sheep_Scene

2D one-button mobile game about a sheep that can travel in time. It has to jump from its dystopian future back to our still idylic world to avoid obstacles.
My tasks in the team: Concept Art, Game Graphics, Story, Game Design, Building of the scene in Unity 4.6
Other teammembers: Katharina Kasarinow (Art), Jakob Wolf (Art), Hannes Smiljkovski (Art), Max Schindele (Sound), Mike Zauner (Art, Animation), Riccardo Barone (UI), Florian Krapp (GGD, Organization), Joachim Sommer (Organization), Faruq Suriaganda (Code).


Little Zoo

Game Graphics

Little Zoo_Animals

Little Zoo with background

Some cuddly animals and a zoo in the background, graphics for a mobile game by the DLYX team in Munich.


Wer wohnt wo?

This game shows the historical parallels between architecture and the way of writing at that time.
The cards are spread on a table, the side with the picture is up. The players have now to find pairs of a building and its corresponding font. The principle is similar to Memory. Player A turns two cards. If the frame colors on the back match, he can keep them and turn a second time. If they do not match, he turns them back down and player B starts. Whoever has more pairs when all cards are distributed, wins.
On the backside there is a description of the corresponding front picture.


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