User Interface Design

Zementofen App

During my internship at Klonk, I also had the great opportunity to make a User Interface from the concept phase until the final visualization. It included a client- and a masterversion.


e x magazine

Editorial Design

In this project we created the second issue of a magazine that introduces former students of the Hochschule Augsburg. We planned the basic layout and style in the group. Later on, my task was the text and the illustrations seen above. Below you can see the posters we made for advertisement.

Follow the white Rabbit

This video was made as an adaption of the correspondent scene from the movie Matrix, mixed with elements from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

We were working on it in with the perfect team, consisting of two classmates, Marissa and Elli, and me. I was involved in the conceptional work, creating styleframes and writing the storyboard. Besides that, I made the character design for the rabbit and was responsible for the sound. The logo was made by me and I also created the entire animated introduction.


¡feliz cumpleaños!

When my sister was so far away that I couldn’t see her for her birthday, I decided to make this movie and send it to her as a present. I took around 800 pictures on a small desk in my room and some guests caused various earthquakes in the final version, but I was pretty happy with the result from only three days of shooting.