Magnology 2018

In my second year with MAG and the event constantly growing, I started the process of rebranding it with a completely new logo, in the beginning also trying out a different name: “Hype Club”. My final version of the logo was later finished by Max Schulz and the amazing new CI, that you can see on the website was created by Maximus Chatsky at THREAKS.

Logo Design

MAG 2018 Logo Development

Earlier sketches

Mag Con


Indie Arena Booth

Graphic Design and Print

In 2017 I was responsible for almost everything that had to do with graphics and print for the Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom. The wonderful key art image was created by Sebastian Stamm.

Indie Arena Booth


Magnology 2017

Graphic Design and CI


At THREAKS GmbH in Hamburg, I redesigned the Logo and Corporate Identity for the event Magnology in 2017, including all graphic assets like T-shirts, banners, flyers, lanyards, bracelets, bags and many more.


Simulation/Training App

During my internship at Klonk, I also had the great opportunity to create a User Interface from concept until final visualization. It included a client- and a masterversion for a simulation about a cement kiln.

UI and UX DesignZementofen App



ex magazin

Editorial Design


In this project we created the second issue of a magazine that introduces former students of the Hochschule Augsburg. We planned the basic layout and style in the group. Later on, my task was the text and the illustrations seen above. Below you can see the posters we made for advertisement.

ex magazin





ex magazine icons experiment


Some animal tiles created for a “threes”-style mobile game by DLYX in 2015.


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